The Best Chippewa Snake Boots Reviewed

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This guy means business.

Ever since 1901 when Chippewa began manufacturing boots in a tiny factory in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, this thoroughly American company has been a trusted name in the supply of high quality stylish footwear that worked well in the woods and fields and still looked good in town.

More than just boots, Chippewa footwear is part of the fabric of America and an authentic salute to the heritage of the country, especially for those devoted outdoor specialists from hunters to ranchers to farmers. When you need proper foot protection from venomous snake bites, you’re not going to go wrong looking at what Chippewa has to offer.

Chippewa: Great Looks, Great Protection & Excellent Value

Chippewa boots have been the choice of outdoors men and women for over a century and that legacy continues with the latest collection of Chippewa snake boots. These stylish boots are built to withstand the strikes of venomous snakes through tough, thick outside leather and innovative inner linings.

Some of the most popular models of these anti-snake bite boots include:

Chippewa pull on boot

The best of the best in Chippewa boots for hunters.

#1 Chippewa Men’s 17″ Back Zip Mocc Toe Pull On Snake Boot

With a modern look based on a leather and textile construction and a Vibram sole for comfort these boots are made for the modern outdoor explorer. As a bonus the back zipper makes them a breeze to put on and take off, which is a definite plus over your conventional model of pull-on snake proof hunting boots.

This modern take on the snake boot has reviewers impressed with both the materials used in the manufacture of the boot, as well as the fit and comfort while wearing them. Scoring 4.5 out of a possible 5 on Amazon (as of June 2016) these boots are a great buy that offer the perfect combination of protection from venomous snake bites, stylish, and comfortable.

These are extremely well designed boots and it is easy to see why they are tops among the many great Chippewa options.

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Chippewa Pull On Boots

One of the highest rated models of snake boots.

#2 Chippewa Men’s 17″ Waterproof Pull On 25110 Snake Boot

These classic snake boots feature 80% Cordura & 20% Leather in a good looking construction that gives the appearance of full leather construction and a Vibram sole. The tall boot also has a breathable leather foot area with a buckle strap. The Chippewa logo is embroidered on both boots and gives off a classy appearance on top of the natural protection this hunting footwear affords.

For those looking for a rugged and reliable boot that features extremely good look this might be the right boot.

Scoring a great 4 to 4.5 out of five on Amazon (as of June 2016) they’re an outdoor favorite based on quality of materials, fit (with a caveat) and the fact that the water wicking capabilities of the boots score extremely highly. The one caveat is that individuals with wide feet will want to go half a size to one size larger.

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womens hunting boots

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#3 Chippewa Women’s 23913 15″ Pull On Snake Proof Boot

Another exceptional snake boot from Chippewa this time aimed at the women’s market this leather boot features a Vibram sole, leather welting and leather lining with a removable insole. These boots look absolutely fantastic and the top grain leather used gives these outdoor boots a stylish finish that is hard to match.

Special insoles make them comfortable and help create a long-term fit that doesn’t beat on the bottom of the feet or the ankles. This means they can be wore for long periods of time both indoors and outdoors without the wearer having to worry about their feet killing them at the end of the day.

This is a boot that is suitable for everyday wear, as well as the perfect outdoor exploration boot. Another above four star effort from Chippewa in creating an outstanding snake boot, which should come as no surprise considering they are the undisputed leader when it comes to making top notch snake boots for women.

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Brown Chippewa snake boots buckle

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#4 Chippewa Men’s 23922 Back Zip Mocc Toe Pull On Snake Boot

Another exceptional boot from Chippewa, these anti snake bite boots are of the 17″ variety and are one of the most popular brands that Chippewa offers.

The materials for this footwear are a quality combination of leather and Vipercloth, giving the right combination of rugged good looks, comfort and exceptional protection. After all they can be among the best looking of all the boots to protect hunters from snake bites but if they didn’t work, what would be the point?

The back zipper makes the boots extremely easy to put on while a Velcro cover over the zipper gives an extra layer of protection. Stylish and tough these boots would be just as comfortable on the city street as out in the desert or forest and it is not at all difficult to see why they are so popular among so many people.

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Chippewa Apache hunting boots

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#5 Chippewa Men’s 17 Inch Bay Apache Snake Proof Boot

While it can be hard to choose between all the great pull on and zip up options for snake boots that Chippewa has to offer for its male hunters, it’s hard to argue with what the Apache boots bring to the table.

These are a great boot, and actually technically one of the highest rated on most review sites. One of the only things that hurts it here is that there haven’t been mass reviews and feedback yet, in part because the circulation has been limited and in part because there aren’t a ton of reviews yet.

Most boots can be great at roll out – it’s looking at if that quality stays together or not when you really see how they pan out. That being said, by pure Amazon grade, so far as of this writing, this is the pick of the men’s snake boots from Chippewa. Made of top grain leather with a Vibram sole these boots tick all the right boxes as far as style and functionality are concerned. Fully deserve the five star rating.

Chippewa snake boots are products that always deliver as far as style and functionality are concerned. The rugged construction means that these are products that will never let you down – with the correct care these snake boots will last a lifetime. Consider purchasing beeswax leather protector at the same time to make sure all your products are taken care of.

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Chippewa ladies snake boots

Another fine style of anti snake bite boots for the ladies.

BONUS: Chippewa Women’s 15″ Pull On L23914 Snake Boot

Since there are so many men’s boots on this list it makes sense that we would have a good bonus selection that works for the ladies, as well. While these are very closely related to the brown leather anti snake boots for women we reviewed by Chippewa further up in this article, they are technically a separate model.

While the designs are strikingly similar, these quality protective hunting boots for women are good for outside or for being social out and about the town with the same simple pull on action and quality buckle at the bottom.

The versatility of these boots might not be quite up to the ones that look for fully leather, but this gives a bit more of a rustic appearance while offering the same level of protection from rattlesnake bites, copperhead bites, or cottonmouth bites.

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In Conclusion

Chippewa offers many amazing snake boots to choose from, and they are one of the few companies specializing in snake proof hunting boots that focus on footwear not just for the men, but for the women, as well. These boots are often made to be dual purpose, especially the pull on designs that are effective as an outdoor boot to protect from snake bites whether hunting or doing ranch work while also looking stylish enough to go out on the town without having to change.

There’s a lot to love about these boots, not the least of which is their sheer effectiveness? Still have doubts? Take a look at this insane (infamous?) video of Chippewa hunting boots being put up against dozens of pissed off rattlesnakes.