Best Fish Finder with GPS


Fish Finders with GPS can even help you imporve your fishing techniques.

As an avid fisherman, there probably isn’t anything worse than finding a really good fishing hole, than not remembering exactly how to get back to it. This is especially frustrating when you are using your fish finder to explore new territory, you find the perfect new spot, than can’t remember how to get back there.

If this has ever happened to you, I would recommended using a fish finder that has GPS built into it. GPS fish finders will allow you to mark those places permanently, and give you the ability to return to that new fishing spot anytime that you want. As an added value, many of these GPS fishfinders let you monitor your jigs and speed when trolling – improving your fishing techniques.

Here are some of the best fish finders with GPS, and a quick review about each one to help you make the right buying decision.

Garmin Fish Finder GPS – Garmin Striker 4DV

Garmin Striker 4DV

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Besides the GPS feature, this unit comes with a 3.5 inch color screen, that clearly shows fish and underwater features. The down scanner will provide images in up to 750 feet of water.

The high sensitivity GPS on this unit will allow you to mark fishing spots and make it easy for you to return to them in the future. You can also mark locations like docks or boat ramps, or underwater features like brush piles, stumps – basically anything that you want to remember in the future. The mapping feature will also show you the path you want to take to get to those previously marked spots.

The GPS also helps you with your different fishing techniques. When stationary, you will be able to see your jig or weighted bait, and where it is in comparison with fish or the bottom.

You can even see if fish are swimming away from it. These units are so accurate you can see even see how high and low you are lifting and dropping your jig.

For trolling purposes you are able to see boat speed. You can monitor how fast you are going, and how fish are reacting to your speed.

A portable kit is available with this unit that makes it mountable for kayaks, canoes, or allows you to use it for ice fishing. With a price around $180, it is hard to find a good GPS fish finder that is a better value than this one. This unit will work for almost anyone, and if you buy the portable kit, you can use it in almost any situation.

Raymarine Dragonfly Series

Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro Sonar GPS

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Raymarine has a few units that come with a built in GPS. The Dragonfly 4Pro, Dragonfly 5Pro, and Dragonfly 7Pro all have built in GPS. Pay close attention to the unit you are buying, because if you are looking for built in GPS the standard Dragonfly 4 and Dragonfly 5DVS do not have that feature built in.

The Dragonfly-4 Pro is the most popular version, and has an incredible screen. It is 4.3 inches in size, but the dual sonar creates almost photo quality images, making this one of the best imaging units you can buy. The LCD screen looks really good in all weather, and looks good from different angles.

The Pro models also allow you to download the Raymarine mobile app. The fish finder has a built in Wi-Fi connection that will let you see the imagining on your smartphone or tablet.

This is nice because if you are looking to have a screen bigger than the 4.3 inch standard screen, you can use your tablet.

The price is more expensive than the Garmin option, usually ranging around $275 for the Dragonfly 4 Pro. What you are paying for is the extremely detailing imaging, and for serious fisherman, the little extra money is well worth it.

Lowrance GPS Fishfinder Review

Lowrance Mark 4 Chirp

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Lowrance has a phenomenal selection of Fishfinder/GPS/Chart plotter combinations to pick from. They do a great job of having combination units, and have about 17 different fish finder GPS combos to pick from. Picking the right Lowrance fishfinder and GPS combination will come down to what extra features you want.

The Lowrance Mark 4 Chirp is the most affordable option they carry. It comes with an almost 4.5 inch high-resolution screen that is backlit and easy to read. The built in GPS feature gives you all the data you want, and the price can range from $175 to $275 depending on if it is for sale or not.

The most expensive Fish finder GPS combo from Lowrance? The HDS-12 Gen3 normally runs around $3000, but provides you with almost everything you could dream of, including a 12 inch screen and the most accurate internal GPS antenna you can get from a fish finder.

You have so many mapping options and features with this version, it is almost unbelievable. Lowrance is a leader in the fish finder industry, so you won’t go wrong picking on of their options, whether you decide to pick a $275 dollar unit, a $3000 unit, or pick one somewhere in between.

Humminbird Fish Finder GPS

Humminbird Fish Finder GPS

Humminbird Helix 5

Humminbird is another very popular fish finder manufacturer that combines an internal GPS system into lots of their options. One of the most popular series is the Helix series. These are a very good boat mounted option that will give you all the information you would want.

The most popular pick is normally the Helix 5 series, but the Helix 7 series is also very popular. Both are affordable, with the older series 5 normally costing around $300 and the newer 7 series costing around $400 to $500.

Screen size will really be the big deciding factor here. The 7 series comes with a 7” inch screen and the 5 series comes with a predictable 5” inch screen. They both will have GPS and chart plotting, a colored screen, down imaging, and provide the details you want, but screen size changes based on the unit.

You really can’t go wrong picking one of these options. If you need a portable fishfinder, check out this list of the best options!

Our Final Thoughts

There are a lot of good reasons to make sure your fish finder has GPS built into it, with the biggest being improving your fishing techniques and mapping all the data you could want as a fisherman. Each of these options have some great benefits to them, so pick the one that is in the right price range for you! A good rule of thumb is the more you pay, the better mapping options you are going to get, so please remember this if that is an important feature for you!

Here is some more information about the Helix 7 – a very good option for fisherman!