The Best Kid’s Outdoor Camping Tents Reviewed


These tents will be perfect for teaching your child the basics of camping!

If you do a Google search for kid’s tents, you are going to see about a million results ranging from indoor play tents to indoor/outdoor play tents – with a few results for kid outdoor camping tents mixed in.

We wanted to help you break through all those results and give you a clear, concise list of the best kid’s outdoor camping tents. We would consider a kid’s outdoor tent to be one that was specifically designed to be used outdoors – either for yard camping or camping trips in the wilderness (or the not-so-wild outdoor park area).

This list of children’s tents are designed to fit 2, maybe 3, children comfortably, but would be a tight fit for an adult. We also wanted to pick tents that could stand up to heavy usage in the outdoors.

There are some very good two person tents that we left off this list on purpose, with the big reasons for the exclusion being they are more expensive and designed for more serious adult campers. Depending on how you are going to use your child’s tent, these will provide a much better value for you!

Wenzel Sprout Kids Tent – 2 Person Tent

Wenzel Sprout Kids Tent – 2 Person Tent

Click on the picture for current prices. Great choice!

The Wenzel Sprout Kids Tent is a great camping tent for kids. Size wise, it is 6 feet x 3 feet x 5 feet providing plenty of space for multiple children. It has two fiberglass poles that create the dome shape, and the tent can easily be setup in under 5 minutes.

There is a rainfly that can be attached to the top of the tent or left off to provide a small, mesh screen viewing area. The mesh vent on top also allows for really nice airflow. There is a back window that can be opened up, as well as having a front door with zip up screens.

The materials are water resistant and well made, but it is a small tent, so super windy or super rainy conditions can cause some issues. For $40 or so, it is hard to find a tent this well-made at that price point!

Some people do use this as an indoor or basement camping tent. This works really well, you set it up the same way, minus staking down the corners, and it is strong enough to stay erect without the stakes holding it down.

There are even a few different color schemes you can pick from! This is just a great all around tent for kids.

Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-Person Dome Tent

Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-Person Dome Tent

This is our top choice for Children’s Outdoor Tents! Click on the picture to purchase!

The Coleman Kids Wonder Lake Tent is another perfectly sized tent for kids, with a 7 x 4 foot floor plan and a center height of 3 feet. I like the design of this tent since it has a big mesh opening on top that can be left open during the day, and a rainfly can be placed over it at night if needed. This provides really good ventilation that helps prevent the tent from getting way to stuffy inside during those warm afternoons.

This tent can withstand some rainy weather, it is built with the standard Weather Tec System that Coleman incorporates into its tents – which is basically reinforced seams and welded floors that are durable and keep out water.

I like the standard color scheme it comes with, and it even has a glow in the dark logo. The price is right around $35 to $40 dollars and the online reviews are phenomenal. It also comes with a limited one year warranty, which does make it our Editor’s Pick and #1 choice.

GigaTent Paramount 7’ x 6’ Camping Dome Tent

GigaTent Paramount 7' x 6' Camping Dome Tent

This is a great tent if you need room for 3 or 4 kids. Purchase here!

The GigaTent Paramount 7′ x 6′ Dome Tent is the biggest option we would recommend for kids, being a 7 foot by 6 foot floor plan – and with a center height of over 4 feet. For kids that are a little older, or if you need space for 3 or 4 children, this tent will work really well.

It is built to be very durable with fiberglass poles, strong mesh materials, and a waterproof floor. This tent is all about being outdoors- with the mesh materials being UV resistant to help prevent sun damage.

With one window and one door, probably the biggest complaint is a lack of a view when in it. It does have enough space that you could fit one adult and a couple of kids in it relatively comfortably, which could be nice in case a parent is needed during the middle of the night!

This is another tent that is in that $40 range and would be a great children’s outdoor camping tent! We recommend this tent for anyone that needs a little extra space, or may need a little extra room to fit an adult.

GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent

GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent

This is one of the best value buys!

The GigaTent Cooper Boy Scout Camping Tent is a little older model of tent, but is very dependable, and can normally be purchased for right around $30! This tent is smaller in size, 5 feet by 5 feet, so it really is meant to be a great introduction tent for kids.

It is easy to set up, so give your kids the instructions and let them go to town….well that will work if they are old enough to read them. There is enough space for two kids, but you aren’t going to fit an adult inside.

It is durable enough to survive some outdoor camping trips, and incredibly affordable. Just like the name implies, this is a perfect tent for Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts that are learning the ropes of camping, and will also be a good option for backyard adventures.

Sundome 2 Person Tent

Sundome 2 Person Tent

This is the best pick for serious campers! Current prices are avaliable when the picture is clicked on!

Sundome also makes a really good, durable line of 2 person tents that can easily be used as a child’s outdoor camping tent. They are the most expensive option on the list normally, being around $45 to $50 in price.

The 7 foot by 5 foot space makes it possible for an adult to sleep with a couple of kids, and it even has an electrical access port for a nightlight or lamp if necessary. The setup is pretty simple, and the rainfly is really good at protecting you from the elements.

This is a good choice for parents that do a lot of camping, and are looking for a smaller tent for the children to use while the adults sleep in a bigger tent (or camper). If you are only going to be using the tent for backyard camping, you would be much better off choosing a different option. However, for serious camping, and if you need something very durable, this would be the best pick!

Final Notes

Listed above are our top 5 tents for children. Each one will provide a very good experience for the users, the key is just making sure you pick the right tent for the situations you are going to use it in. We believe it is never too early to start teaching your children about the great outdoors, and these tents are a great way to give children some private space outside!

If you are looking for something for the entire family, I would recommend you read our review of the best family tents. If you are looking for a tent that is really unique, look at our Connecttents review!

As your kid’s get older, you may want to teach them how to pitch a classic Boy Scout tent! Below is a fun video showing how that can be done. If these tents aren’t what you are looking for – I would encourage you to check out the website and look at their incredibly detailed list of the 40 best indoor play tents for children.